Review: AI Ad Creatives Production Tool Pros & Cons

In our previous blog post, we posted a review of – an AI banner creation tool. In this post, we’re going to review a different AI banner creation tool – As the tool’s marketing material says – Creativio is AI-powered and can create astonishing banners in seconds. Let’s see if the functionality and deliverables are also similar to the tool from our previous blog post. PROS This tool is much more flexible than You have many more Read more


Reviewed: AI Ad Creatives Production Tool – Pros & Cons

Ten years ago, no one was even thinking about using artificial intelligence with regard to digital marketing. Five years ago, digital marketers laughed at the idea of artificial intelligence tools outperforming them. But now, the landscape has changed dramatically, and digital marketers work closely with AI tools to deliver outstanding results to their clients. No one is laughing anymore! is no exception, we utilise many AI tools to most effectively help our clients grow their businesses both in Latvia Read more

[Case study] Meta (Facebook) advertising: we almost doubled (+93%) the average purchase value

Description of the situation The client of is an e-commerce company that sells LED products in several countries of the European Union through various paid advertising channels. One of them is Meta (Facebook) Ads, which accounts for a fifth or ~20% of the total traffic each month. Comparing the results of Meta (Facebook) and Google Ads, we observed that Meta (Facebook) Ads provides a lower cost per acquisition (CPA), while Google Ads provides a higher average order value (AOV). Read more

“Export your eCommerce”- we shared our experience at one of the largest PPC conferences in Europe

In October of this year, one of the most interesting and largest PPC conferences in Europe “AdWorldExperience” took place, where we also had the honor of sharing our experience. During the two day event, 26 experts from U.S. and Europe shared their experience of managing Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. The conference took place in the great Italian city of Bologna. There were lots of practical success stories, experienced and fun participants, cool after-parties and sunny weather, all in Read more

AdWorldExperience Volvenkin eCommerce Export

How has Increased the Turnover of its Export Client by 6.65 Million EUR in just 12 Months

In this article, we want to look behind the scenes a little, to explain what our daily lives are like and how we help our e-commerce customers grow in export markets. As a rule, we  focus predominantly on the goals to be achieved annually. We focus on the customer’s business goals, which are to achieve specific sales (Target Revenue) with a certain return (Target ROAS). The focus on growth (Target Revenue) and profit (Target ROAS) are, of course, diametrically opposed, Read more

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TOP 6 Mistakes eCommerce Companies Make When Entering the European Market

Europe is big with a population of 743M people and offers huge growth potential for U.S. eCommerce companies.  EU eCommerce is almost as big as U.S. eCommerce with 703B USD vs 891B USD (2019) but it’s a really tough task to enter the whole of Europe in one move as the continent is separated by countries, languages, and cultures. That’s why we do marketing activities on a country level rather than targeting Europe as a whole. This allows us to Read more

U.S. eCommerce export to Europe receives exclusive invitation from Google to participate in International Growth Program

We are excited to announce that, for the 3rd consecutive year, Google have included us in their exclusive International Growth Program and this year, we were the only digital marketing agency from Latvia who were invited to partake in this exceptional opportunity. The biggest benefit of this program, which runs from April-December 2021, is that our strategic export clients receive fantastic additional opportunities to continue their growth in Europe and Scandinavia. Throughout the program, we’re able to tap into Google’s Read more

how U.S. e-commerce companies can succeed in Europe. Trends. Tools. Opportunities.

On 10.07.2020 we have organized a webinar entitled “How U.S. e-commerce companies can succeed in Europe. Trends. Tools. Opportunities.”. During the webinar, you met Sergej Volvenkin (PhD) who is Senior Export Strategic Planner at and Jakub Mazal who is a Strategic Planner at Google. Let’s look in detail what we talked about during our event. European Data In this video series we discuss how U.S. e-commerce companies can succeed in Europe. Trends. Tools. Opportunities. This short video is about general Read more

Sergejs Volvenkins. U.S. eCommerce companies export to Europe is invited to speak at the Google Retail Academy Event with a success story of how we helped our client to grow in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, and Spain

From September 8th-22nd Google is hosting a series of webinars on eCommerce entitled “Restore: Accelerating Retail”. Participants will have the opportunity to hear presentations from Google executives, learn success stories from industry leaders, and share their own experiences. During the presentations, participants will be introduced to the latest retail industry information as well as the results of research on how people today make a purchase decision and why it is important to improve the users’ shopping experience both online and Read more

Sergej Volvenkin

Case study: How to increase revenue from Facebook ads by 2725% with a budget increase of 377%

At we often share clients’ achievements in seminars and conferences but we also share interesting case studies from our clients here, on our blog. This particular case study is relevant for both Facebook experts and marketers looking for ways to improve their Facebook campaigns. Situation Product: Online store dealing with retail and wholesale electrical goods. Analysis period: September 1st 2018 – April 30th 2019 vs September 1st 2017 – April 30th 2018 Before took over this customer’s Facebook Read more