Advertising analysis

We show you the numbers in context by creating a story. We make the numbers speak for themselves. This will help you really see cause and effect relationships and make informed decisions


We will conduct in-depth analysis of your advertising campaign:

Have you ever asked or wondered about the following?

Finding the answers to these and other analytical questions is what we do every day. And we really like doing it. We turn boring numbers into fascinating stories that enable you to make more accurate and thoughtful marketing decisions.

Our analytical team is ready to work on tasks of any complexity. We are happy to undertake both short-term projects (determining ad campaign effectiveness, channel productivity, etc.) and long-term projects (developing an analysis system with continuous data analysis).

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We’re strong at

The Power of Export

Since 2013 has been focused on helping exporting ecommerce companies grow, and to secure promotion in export markets. Due to our successful work and excellent results in this area, Google has included us in its exclusive International Growth program.

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Export to Europe

Lots of agencies can promise results, but not every agency can offer a deep understanding of the European and Scandinavian markets. Let’s work together and we will help you expand your business.

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Google Search Ads

The team is led by Sergejs Volvenkins, who has a PhD in online marketing.

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YouTube video Ads

Video advertising on YouTube is a great way to reach a broad audience at a low cost (up to 0.01 euro per view depending on the country).

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