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Build powerful and sustainable communication on social networks with the help of experienced iMarketings.eu experts

Running digital campaigns using Facebook Ads is an excellent way to increase sales in Europe and/or Scandinavia. We’re delighted to be your trusted partner and help you grow in export markets.

When starting out on social networks, we focus not only on increasing the popularity of your brand, but also on achieving results. We are creative. We are engaged in analytics. We are focused on results.

A creative approach and the ability of the iMarketings.eu experts to focus on results is the key to effective communication on social media.

We have more than 28,000 hours experience managing Facebook Ads campaigns, and we have developed and conducted more than 500 advertising campaigns on Facebook. Therefore, we know that the results depend not only on the strategy, but also on nuances of the campaign. After we work out the important details, the likelihood of achieving the goal increases.

“We would like to thank the iMarketings experts for professionally and responsibly managing our Facebook ads. They employ a creative and results-focused approach. The iMarketings experts used an original idea to help us achieve very ambitious goals. Their solution was so highly appreciated by our entire group of companies that it was later adopted in other countries as well. Thank you for working with us!”

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How we provide this service

To achieve the results we want, we do the following:

Read our blog post about how we helped a client increase revenue by managing their Facebook Campaigns. See screenshot from Google Analytics below.

Request a budget calculation for Facebook promotion right now!

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Since 2013 iMarketings.eu has been focused on helping exporting ecommerce companies grow, and to secure promotion in export markets. Due to our successful work and excellent results in this area, Google has included us in its exclusive International Growth program.

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Lots of agencies can promise results, but not every agency can offer a deep understanding of the European and Scandinavian markets. Let’s work together and we will help you expand your business.

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The team is led by Sergejs Volvenkins, who has a PhD in online marketing.

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Video advertising on YouTube is a great way to reach a broad audience at a low cost (up to 0.01 euro per view depending on the country).

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