Review: AI Ad Creatives Production Tool Pros & Cons

In our previous blog post, we posted a review of – an AI banner creation tool. In this post, we’re going to review a different AI banner creation tool –


As the tool’s marketing material says – Creativio is AI-powered and can create astonishing banners in seconds.

Let’s see if the functionality and deliverables are also similar to the tool from our previous blog post.


This tool is much more flexible than You have many more options for how to create your banner. You can choose the mood, placement, colours, lighting, and much more. By selecting these options you create a prompt for the AI, and based on this prompt your creatives are generated. The ability to create prompts gives this tool great flexibility when it comes to creating banners. If you know what you’re doing you can achieve the same type of creatives as the company depicts in its advertising materials.


You can have an impact on the design you’re creating. Again we’re going back to prompt creation and in our opinion, this is a very powerful feature. You can create what you want, not what the system offers.


What’s the problem when you have a lot of choices? You need to understand the differences. What’s the difference between hard light and fill light? What’s the difference between negative space and leading lines? You could always try all the options, however, there are almost infinite possibilities (if you’re good at statistics you can calculate the number of possible combinations). This means you need to be a pro to understand what’s going on and what button to push next.

If you don’t understand how to use all these options and choose standard settings you get an inferior design. Your banner design will be far from what you see in the ads.




If you’re good at making banners and creating prompts you can utilise this tool, and I think it’s possible to achieve a good design. But, if you have no experience in design and banner creation, this tool is going to be very complex to use. As a result, you’ll end up with a poor design.

Please note the review date was 01.2024. and some features of this tool may have changed since then.