Reviewed: AI Ad Creatives Production Tool – Pros & Cons

Ten years ago, no one was even thinking about using artificial intelligence with regard to digital marketing. Five years ago, digital marketers laughed at the idea of artificial intelligence tools outperforming them. But now, the landscape has changed dramatically, and digital marketers work closely with AI tools to deliver outstanding results to their clients. No one is laughing anymore! is no exception, we utilise many AI tools to most effectively help our clients grow their businesses both in Latvia and overseas.

Before we use any AI tool, we evaluate many options in order to select only the very best tools for our own use. We think the results of our testing process may be of interest, so we’d like to share them with you. Here are our observations from our recent experience testing an Ad Creatives production tool –


In brief, this tool allows marketers to generate ad creatives for Meta ads, Google Display ads and LinkedIn ads. Their marketing material states that you don’t need to have any design skills to create high-quality ad creatives, but how true is this in reality?


We actually found the system very easy to use. You just add your logo, select your brand colours, and then as a bare minimum, you can simply add your website address. The tool does the rest.

Once you’ve added in an image and some ad copy, the tool generates almost 200 ad variations within seconds.

Many of the variations look rather good, they’re perfectly useable. We were amazed at the power of the AI and the quality of the ads generated. They were good-looking, with a clean design style. All elements were correctly placed, and while perhaps the output was overall a little too simple, the tool had done a good job.

But what about the cons – are there any?


As we extended our testing, we input information for several different brands and products, and we found that the generated banner ads all had pretty much the same layout. However, this might not be an issue if you were the only agency in your area using this tool.

There is an option to tailor each banner, and while this would help combat the similarity issue highlighted above, you do need design skills to use this part of the system, and of course, why would you be paying for a banner creation tool if you’re a good designer yourself?

One shortcoming is that you cannot choose the mood of the design. There are currently no options to tell the system that you’re aiming at the luxury market, you want a retro feel to your advert, or you’re promoting a product at a very low price. All aspects that would ordinarily affect the style of an advertising campaign. However, Ad Creatives’ customer support has told us that this is something they’re currently working on.

The tool doesn’t come up with the ideas for you, you need to take care of your own creative ideas and have visuals ready to upload.


Overall, this is not a bad tool if you’re looking for super-fast results. If you’re in a rush, or you don’t mind that your ads are going to look pretty simple, then this tool will meet your expectations. Otherwise, you should definitely consider hiring a good designer or performance-oriented agency such as, to create the perfect ad for your brand, which stands out from the crowd.

Please note that our comments were relevant on the date we reviewed this tool (12.2023), and any changes to the tool since then may not be reflected in our review.