Digital Marketing in Europe

TOP 6 Mistakes eCommerce Companies Make When Entering the European Market

Europe is big with a population of 743M people and offers huge growth potential for U.S. eCommerce companies.  EU eCommerce is almost as big as U.S. eCommerce with 703B USD vs 891B USD (2019) but it’s a really tough task to enter the whole of Europe in one move as the continent is separated by countries, languages, and cultures. That’s why we do marketing activities on a country level rather than targeting Europe as a whole. This allows us to Read more

U.S. eCommerce export to Europe receives exclusive invitation from Google to participate in International Growth Program

We are excited to announce that, for the 3rd consecutive year, Google have included us in their exclusive International Growth Program and this year, we were the only digital marketing agency from Latvia who were invited to partake in this exceptional opportunity. The biggest benefit of this program, which runs from April-December 2021, is that our strategic export clients receive fantastic additional opportunities to continue their growth in Europe and Scandinavia. Throughout the program, we’re able to tap into Google’s Read more is invited to speak at the Google Retail Academy Event with a success story of how we helped our client to grow in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, and Spain

From September 8th-22nd Google is hosting a series of webinars on eCommerce entitled “Restore: Accelerating Retail”. Participants will have the opportunity to hear presentations from Google executives, learn success stories from industry leaders, and share their own experiences. During the presentations, participants will be introduced to the latest retail industry information as well as the results of research on how people today make a purchase decision and why it is important to improve the users’ shopping experience both online and Read more

Sergej Volvenkin