The task

Ensure an uninterrupted flow of customers



Medical services


Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia

What we did

  • Identified strong competitors
  • Conducted competitor analysis
  • Analyzed search queries on Google. Identified minimum entry budgets
  • Analyzed the target audience (interests, demography, etc.)
  • Prepared banners and created banner ads
  • Created Google ad campaigns for every country
  • Daily ad management. Analyzing results, changing advertising messages, changing the portals where ads are displayed, etc.
  • Report preparation. Giving recommendations on what could be improved in ads and on the site in order to get the best results

Some of the solutions and tools used

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Google Search
  • Remarketing (Display)
  • Google for Display & Video 360
  • Custom In-market & Affinity Audience targeting
  • Google Analytics


Cost per Lead (CPL)


Traffic increased



5 years

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