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Increasing website performance in terms of sales (CRO)

Advertising costs are growing and the effectiveness of several communication channels has decreased. In these conditions, there is a cost associated with gaining each new client, and the price is increasing. One of the opportunities for increasing total sales without increasing advertising costs is to adapt your website for sales.

Do you want to improve sales results without increasing your advertising budget?

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*Remember! Adapting your website for sales is a long process (the first results will show in 3-4 months), which is why we recommend starting now.

We are a team of professionals who regularly analyze users’ behavior on home pages. Our team is made up of:

  • Technical specialists who make use of the necessary analysis tools.
  • Analysts who analyze and interpret data.
  • Digital marketing specialists who work on adjusting websites based on the results of the analysis (section design can be done by the client based on our notes, or be entrusted to’s trusted partners.).

Adapting websites for sales is a process which is linked with extended data analysis. This is why, in addition to Google Analytics tools, we use a range of other tools which expose websites’ weak points:

  • Heat map tools.
  • Video review tools (video recordings of what users do on the website).
  • Form analysis tools (to analyze the use of applications and other forms and discover their weak points).
  • Scroll tools (to examine whether users scroll, and if so, how far).
  • A/B testing tools (to compare the effectiveness of different design options).

Below is an example of a review where we can see which areas on the website receive the most clicks. This review, along with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica (video reviews), allow us to see precisely which are the weak aspects of a home page, that is, those areas which don’t allow a specific section to fulfill its functions efficiently.

heat map. siltuma karte

Adapting a homepage for sales is a process which takes an extended period and consists of several important methods:

  • Determining the goals. Looking at current results.
  • Developing an action plan.
  • Technical adaptation.
  • Information collection and analysis.
  • Complete design solution development.
  • A/B tests (information collection and analysis).

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