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Facebook Advertisements

Create powerful and visible communications on social networks together with experienced specialists. When ensuring activity on social media, we focus not only on increasing your brand’s popularity but also on getting results. We are creative. We are analytical. We are results-focused.

Creativity and the ability to focus on results are key to experts’ successful social communications.

Client review...

“We thank the experts of for professionally and responsibly managing our Facebook page. Creative and result oriented approach is what defines team. The communication solution created for our Facebook account has helped us to achieve ambitious goals. Later this solution was highly valued by our group companies in other countries ad successfully took it over. Thank you for the cooperation!”

Andra Luksa-Urtāne
Recruitment Manager

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Mārketings sociālajos tiklos, Facebook reklāma

Mārketings sociālajos tiklos, Facebook reklāma

How we provide this service…

We have years of experience in this area, having created many banner campaigns. Because of this, we know that results depend not just on the strategy, but also on the nuances of creating a campaign. By just working on important details, goals can be met. To get a result, we follow these phases and operations:

Setting goals / tasks

To be able to say at the end of a campaign that the desired result has been reached, we define goals at the beginning. This information is provided by the client or developed together with the iMarketings experts.

Target audience analysis

We characterize the target audience. By understanding who the client is and what their needs /problems are, we can develop a more suitable communication strategy.

Competitor analysis

For the communication to have a unique style and format, we regularly analyze the competition.

Creating a communication strategy

Based on the information analysis, in this section, we develop a communication strategy. In this section, we define and develop:

  1. The main KPIs.
  2. Unified visual characteristics.
  3. Follower attraction tactics in order to reach KPIs.
  4. Direct and regular communication with existing followers in order to reach KPIs.
  5. Publication content for the first 2-4 weeks.
  6. Review forms.

Ensuring activity

We ensure daily activity and communication in accordance with the developed strategy. We regularly review and refresh the strategy to always be at the forefront of new developments.

Monitor, Analysis

We give a presentation on the advertising campaign results in person. We show you how effective it was and give recommendations on what needs to be developed to achieve better results in the future.