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We guarantee that you will reach the TOP ranks or get your money back

iMarketings-SEO-badge is the only digital agency in Latvia that has been through the complex process of SEO certification. The company itself, as well as all of its leading experts in SEO optimization, are owners of certificates that attest to the level of competence of our team in SEO, and it guarantees that the SEO services we provide are of high quality.

  • Is a partnership that is result-oriented. We provide a guarantee of reaching the TOP positions.
  • Provides interactions with the client(s) that are always clear and transparent.
  • Has numerous success stories, the results of which were attained on the Latvian market as well as external markets.

Client review...

“Thanks to professional activities, providing SEO services in a very competitive niche, organic traffic to our website was increased by 153.58% and sales grew by 106.75%. We are very happy with our cooperation. Thank you.”

Agija Rumpe
Marketing manager

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Mājas lapas SEO optimizācija

Mājas lapas SEO optimizācija

How are our SEO services provided?

In order for our work to deliver the promised results, the SEO of the website is conducted strictly based on selected specific algorithms, and we do so with a detail-oriented exactitude (because the Google search engine likes nuances):

  • We conduct an audit of keywords and analyze the competition.
  • We identify the most essential (strategic) keywords.
  • We develop a promotion strategy and an implementation plan.
  • We ensure the advancement of the website in the Google search engine.
  • We provide a report about the trends of the increase in ranking.

Free SEO Audit: Before starting the SEO optimization, it is important to determine the current SEO status of the site. With this goal in mind, we provide a free SEO audit.

This provides answers on what has already been accomplished and what is still lacking in your Internet resource (website/store), and what results can be reached in a given frame of time for the current situation.

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SEO (website optimization) is our everyday iMarketings-SEO-sertificatearea of specialization. However, we are also focused on related nuances. We have accumulated a significant amount of experience and are focused on results. We are involved exclusively with the so-called “white hat” SEO (website optimization). This means that we only perform permissible actions in order for the site to reach the TOP ranks, and our clients’ Internet resources will never be blacklisted meaning they will not suddenly and unjustifiably lose their search result ranking, nor will they altogether disappear from rankings.

As a result of our mutually beneficial collaboration, your website will reach the first ranks in search engines (Google, Yandex), the number of site visitors/traffics will increase, and you will also be provided with a high quality number of visitors/traffic. Your site will be visited by potential customers of the products of your company.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


SEO is a process that includes many complex steps, all of which can roughly be divided into three main steps: technical, on-page and off-page optimization. Although each of the steps differs from the others, they work in conjunction with each other, and if one of them is absent, attaining the desired ranking can prove problematic.

Our SEO specialists are knowledgeable and have vast experience with all of these links in the SEO chain, and will help put them into action by approaching each of the client’s situations individually, which includes handling atypical cases.

SEO is not limited to reaching a specific rank in the Google search engine. Its main objective is to provide the users with the most up-to-date information and a user-friendly website.

In the context of SEO, several important aspects of the website usage are adapted so that they could be suitable for the Google search engine and they could improve the overall experience of the users during their visit to the website.

Collaboration with the clients


Together with the client, who is in effect, the manager of a concrete sector, we agree on the keywords that are to be promoted, we offer our recommendations and we take the client’s comments and feedback into consideration.

In the SEO work process, the timely matching of keywords and landing pages is especially important, since SEO is a relatively long and complex process. It means regularly changing keywords and landing pages is undesirable. However, it is important to point out that the addition of new potential keywords in the ongoing plan is not problematic and is even recommended for the appropriate SEO strategy.

On page and technical SEO audit


In the context of our on page and technical SEO audit, our specialists review various technical aspects of the client’s website and compile them into a single file, in which our proposals and the accomplished work are clearly stated. It should mostly be carried out on the client’s side, since SEO specialists most likely will not be granted admin access to the homepage. Likewise, in the SEO on-site process, the main goal of the SEO specialist is to study the technical and on-site factors of the homepage. In most cases, these directives need to be sent to the programmer.

Off page SEO

In the context of off page SEO, a series of actions are carried out to increase the website’s traffic and concrete landing pages’ status, as well as to increase the correspondence to keywords. In this stage, the defining word is back-links, which are various types of hyperlinks from other sites that provide the Google algorithms with popularity indexes and information about the homepage’s value.

However, this is only a general description of the process, and the SEO specialists will further familiarize the client with the procedure in the course of their collaboration

SEO is a worthy process now recognized by all honorable and dignified companies since Google’s capacity for attracting potential clients is enormous and in the current conditions of high competition, it is important that the potential customer finds your website above all others when searching for a product or solution.


The TOP 5 organic Google results receive over 60% of the flow of visitors – this means that if you do not appear in the TOP 10 results, then it will be almost impossible to find your company in the organic Google results, since less than 6% of Google users browses the second page of the results during their search.

If the company cannot be found on Google or the Internet, then it is impossible to find!