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Create powerful, fruitful Remarketing advertising campaigns with experts.

  1. We are always oriented towards achieving results valuable to the client, not generating clicks.
  2. We extensively analyze return so that the next campaign gets even better results.
  3. After the analysis, we introduce changes to the advertising campaign with the goal of increasing returns (optimization). We also give recommendations on growing profits as much as possible (if linked with the website).

Clients say…

“At the start of our collaboration, the specialists already adapted Google Analytics and suggested changes to our website to evaluate returns from Google advertisements and other channels. We accomplished this and saw how effectively our advertisement worked. Thanks to’ activities, our orders increased by 26%. We are happy with such a professional approach. Thank you!”

Elīna Novada
Special orders project manager

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Remarketing. What is it?

Remarketing is a reminder advertisement or advertisements which follow users who have visited your website. After visiting your website, the user sees your advertisement banner in various places while surfing the internet (reminder advertisements are understood only by those who have visited your website.) This is a favorite and effective communications channel which is primarily oriented towards reaching sales goals, although this opportunity also allows brand recognition goals to be reached.

Our remarketing methods…

Depending on goals and available budget, Remarketing campaigns can take various forms. Most often, we use three Remarketing methods:

  1. One advertisement notification – all website visitors. In this case, we show all website visitors one advertisement notification. For example, whatever product the user was interested in, the user sees a general advertisement notification.
  2. Several advertisement notifications – several Remarketing lists. If you have several products, then you will want to show your reminder advertisement selectively. For example, if a user were interested in product No. 1, then it would only be right if afterward, they saw an advertisement reminding them of the same product. As a result of this solution, you will have higher advertisement suitability. The higher the relevance, the greater the returns from the advertisement.
  3. Each product has its advertisement notification. If there are many products on your website and you want maximum advertisement suitability, it’s worth looking into Dynamic Remarketing. This means creating a reminding advertisement about the exact product the user was interested in. For example, if a potential customer was interested in a specific SONY television, the reminder advertisement is explicitly created for that television.
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How we provide this service

The thorough and extended analysis is the key to a successful Remarketing campaign.

We are professionals who have worked in our field for many years and have created many banner campaigns. Because of this, we know that results don’t just depend on the strategy, but also on the nuances of the campaign execution. By only working on important details, the desired goals can be reached. To achieve results, we follow these steps and processes:

Goal/task setting

To determine at the end of the campaign whether desirable results have been reached, we start by defining goals. This information is provided by the client, or goals/tasks are developed together with experts.

Target audience analysis

We determine the target audience’s characteristics. By understanding who the customer is and what their needs/problems are, we can choose the most suitable communication channels.

Optimal advertising budget estimate

For many years now we have provided digital communication, and we thoroughly analyze each advertising campaign. This way, we know how big of a budget is needed in each case to reach the goals/tasks set.

Remarketing strategy development

In this case, we decide what, with whom, when, where and how often we communicate. When developing the strategy, we also determine the KPIs which help us evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Communication material creation

We create banners: main notification + texts + visual execution. Clients can also provide their banners.

Advertising campaign implementation/analysis/optimization

Depending on the running time of the advertising campaign, we can begin the analysis during the campaign or after its end. We always do an extended analysis, oriented towards indicators which are responsible for the result (the KPIs defined in the strategy,) rather than on signs accountable for intermediate results (CTR, Impression,etc.). The goal of the analysis is to find the area of the budget which is ineffective and redirects it towards the more efficient area, thus increasing returns from the advertising campaign.

Review/development suggestions

We present the campaign results in person. We show how effective it has been and give recommendations on what should be developed to keep reaching even better results.