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Multi Channel Management

If you can reach your sales goals by advertising on only one communication channel, then you are either fortunate, have a truly unique product, or have very easy-to-reach sales goals.

In today’s world, when competition is becoming more fierce, advertising costs are growing, and people are more selective, it is almost impossible to reach ambitious marketing and sales goals using one communication channel.

We do Multi-ChannelManagement for 83% of our clients.. When introducing additional communication channels, we have seen an average 34.6% increase in effectiveness.. Moreover, you don’t need to start using many different channels straight away. Depending on your goals, you can start by using two or three communication channels (for example, Google and Facebook.)

Using several communication channels allows you to work towards attaining your KPIs more effectively.

A survey by with a team of University of Latvia researchers, in cooperation with Swedbank and the LCCI confirmed that successful businesses (increased turnover three years in a row) use several digital channels to reach their KPIs.

If you would also like to improve your sales results, apply for a free expert consultation. We guarantee quality service:

Clients say…

“Thanks to iMarketings experts we have achieved ambitious marketing and sales goals. iMarketings experts took their time to understand the core of the problem and developed an individual solution, making sure that they aligned with our goals and our audience size. We especially like the analytical approach to campaign result analysis. One of the iMarketings developed solutions was taken over by our colleagues from other European and Scandinavian countries. Thank you very much for the cooperation and professional approach!”

Andra Luksa-Urtāne
Recruitment Manager

We guarantee quality service:

1. Competent team – we have formed a team which represents all the most essential internet marketing disciplines to ensure the most critical goal – results (attracting customers, services sold) – is reached. The team has specialists who are professionally proficient in using internet marketing communication channels (Google, Social, EmailMarketing) and analytics instruments, as well as specializing in adapting websites to improve sales results.

The leading team members are recognized experts in the field: Dr. Sergejs Volvenkins – certified Google trainer, only certified Google AdWords and Google Analytics expert with a PhD in Latvia; Andis Sproģis – many years’ successful experience in ensuring internet sales strategies; Anda, whose competence is in adapting websites for sales (increasing Conversion Rate); Mārtiņš Lasmanis – leading iMarketings SEO expert (Mārtiņš has many years’ successful work experience in promoting local and overseas clients’ websites on Google/Yandex.) In total, tenspecialists are employed at the company.

2. We extensively analyze an advertisement’s return on the internet and select the most effective channels (Conversion, Conversion Rate, Cost/Conversion.) Over many years we have analyzed the effect on sales of digital communication channels using the world’s best analytics tools (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika.) Thanks to this, we have created a digital communication channel effectiveness rating – Digital Channel Sales Ratio™.

3. We extensively analyze homepage effectiveness to reach better sales results (Conversion Rate.)  We regularly improve website effectiveness. We have empirically ascertained the most effective website sales tactics. When working, we actively share our experience with you and work to improve the client’s website regarding sales.

4. During the process, we actively work on ideas for attracting new clients and applying them in practice, because we are interested in reaching results.

5. Oriented towards reaching sales results. We don’t value clicks as our result. Instead, we adeptly use web analytical tools to apply effects to the processes which are most valuable to the client (sales, orders, etc.) All decisions on increasing advertising campaign effectiveness are based not on subjective assumptions (“we believe”), but rather on campaign analysis data. Namely, during the analysis,we determine what is working the most inefficiently and then develop those areas (homepage, channel, notification, keywords, etc.). As a result, improvements are made not just to ensure more clicks and increase CTR, but to gain more clients and increase Conversion Rate.