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Google Advertisement (AdWords)

Data analysis is our secret weapon in our battle for product marketing campaigns. The efficiency of your Google ads campaign is managed by an experienced and certified Google AdWords/Google Analytics Team, headed by Dr. Sergejs Volvenkins who has a PhD in Internet marketing. is a successful award-winning agency:

  • One of the leading Google marketing agencies in the area
  • The Google marketing agency of the year 2015 in Latvia (Ready to Rock winner);
  • Winner of the 1st quarterly competition for 2016 (Game On competition);
  • Winner of the 2nd quarter of the Google race for 2016 (Game On competition);
  • Premier Google Partner;
  • We are always focused on the results that matter to the client – we run/analyze/optimize marketing campaigns based on the client’s KPI (goals), and not on the number of clicks obtained; we work in conjunction with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
  • We provide high quality service(s) at an affordable/market price.

Dr. Sergejs Volenkins, head of the digital department of is:

  • A Google Certified Trainer.
  • A member of the Google Partner Academy.
  • A lecturer and director of practical seminars on digital marketing.
  • The only certified expert in AdWords and Google Analytics in Latvia.

Ask for a budget estimate today!

  1. Keyword analysis. Budget and performance forecast: free of charge.
  2. Launch of the advertisement: 3-5 work days.
  3. Marketing budget: starting from €300.

Service quality is guaranteed!

  • €2,500,000 + per year of client marketing budget managed by
  • Extensive positive feedback and many satisfied clients.
  • Honest and professional approach.

Google reklāma, Google AdWords

Google reklāma, Google AdWords

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Google AdWords is a highly complex tool. Hundreds of factors need to be taken into consideration in order to effectively work with it and to reach the established KPI. Krish shares his experience and tells us more about one of these factors: Google Ad Extensions.

Before launching a Google marketing campaign, we prepare carefully:

  • We examine and select strategic keywords that will provide an influx of potential customers (who are genuinely interested in your company’s products) to your website.
  • We conduct an analysis of your website. We take note of the shortcomings (if any) that could negatively impact the effectiveness of the advertisement. We provide recommendations for optimization. Depending on the situation, they can be incorporated right away (if there are arguments that could justify the necessity for such actions) or after the launch of the advertisement, based on the obtained analytical information.
  • We study your competitor’s advertisements in the Google search engine.
  • We create the correct structure for your Google AdWords account which allows you to obtain a lower price per click and to decrease your marketing expenses.
  • We create marketing content which convinces and motivates potential customers to obtain additional information and to click on the advertisement.
  • We create goal(s) for the Google Analytics tool. The goal is to obtain the desirable client activity on your website (for instance, placing an order). This allows us to analyze your advertisement not only based on clicks but also based on the effectiveness of these concrete objectives (for instance, we learn: 1. Which keywords provide you with an increased number of placed orders, not clicks; 2. What are the expenses for each new client, etc.)
  • We combine Google AdWords and Google Analytics which enables us to acquire broader information on website visitors who have landed there through the Google advertisement, as well as data about the quality of the advertisement. In turn, after analyzing this data, we can begin to take action for increasing the effectiveness of the advertisement.
Google AdWords (Google reklāma)
Google Analytics
Google sertificēts treneris

After launching the ad, we regularly analyze and optimize it (increasing its effectiveness):

  • Analysis of keyword effectiveness. We deactivate ineffective keywords (keywords that do not bring in desirable outcome – they fail to bring in a customer who purchases, who contacts you, etc.). We intensify the use of the keywords that has proved effective for attracting a wider range of clients (we move them to the higher ranks, we increase Impressions Share, etc.);
  • We search for new keyword ideas that will enhance your SEO presence, and lead to an increase in the number of customers and a decrease of the cost per click;
  • We add negative keywords. This prevents additional expenses caused by clicks on your ad, which is done by entering unsuitable keywords into the search engine (including “free”, “cheap”, etc.);
  • We implement new advertising content and remove the ones that do not bring in new customers. This allows us to identify the most effective advertising message (Best Seller), which will supply a huge amount of customers and/or potential customers to your website.

We provide transparent relationships:

  • We will assign you with a personal manager who will be in direct contact with you (each manager is a certified Google AdWords expert and not a project supervisor).
  • We regularly provide summaries of the ad campaigns.
  • We provide detailed reports (1 x month).
  • We meet in the field in order to discuss the results of the work accomplished and to give recommendations for the improvement of ad campaigns.
  • We give you full control over the use of the marketing budget.

In order to provide efficient marketing online, we offer the services of Google AdWords (Google ads) based on the AdWords GoPro standard of business quality. You will find a description of this process below (, the process of AdWords service delivery).Advertise your products in the exact location where your target audience searches for them.

The advantages of Google Ads:

  • Quick implementation (1-2 days).
  • Price per click, not impression.
  • Full control on the marketing budget (you can decide to increase or decrease your budget at any time).We give you full control over the use of the marketing budget.
  • Excellent opportunities for analyzing the profitability of the advertisement. You will have the possibility of eliminating ineffective expenses.

Pay per click (PPC – Pay per Click, internet marketing, Google ads) is one of the communication channels that is currently undergoing rapid development. Do not overlook it.