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When managing an advertising campaign, we guarantee to focus on the result most important to you (purchases, etc.), a transparent relationship, and a professional approach. Impeccable service quality is the gold standard. Each of our experts has extensive work experience with their respective internet marketing tools. Quality control is ensured by highly qualified experts who have over 10 years experience in managing digital advertising campaigns.

Internet advertisements

Description of iMarketings’ services.

Online advertisements allow you to attract more clients and reach better results. iMarketings’ experts have been working daily for many years with various digital channels: Google advertisements, homepage SEO, Facebook advertisements, email marketing, Youtube, display and Gmail advertisements. We also create content and analyze advertisements daily.

Internet advertising today is complicated. It is often impossible to reach goals through the use of only one communication channel (a communication channel is Google, email marketing, Facebook, etc.) This situation is characteristic of businesses which set ambitious but reachable goals. For example, a business may want to make 1000 sales through advertising on the Google search engine.

By analyzing the number of searches for related keywords, you can quickly decide whether this goal is achievable using just one channel. If we discover that the goal is realistic, but not achievable with advertising on just one communication channel, we recommend using additional channels. The choice of the channel depends on the goals and target audience of the campaign.
Each business is unique. Each product is unique and each situation is unique. Therefore, experts take a unique approach to each client. We don’t have a set template. Something that brings results for one business won’t necessarily bring results for another.

We believe that the path to success begins with a meeting. During this meeting, we ask a lot of questions and listen carefully. This approach guarantees that we will create the most suitable plan to reach your goals.

If you also believe that it is important to focus on results, not clicks, we would love to develop a KPI specifically designed to suit your goals. IT doesn’t matter how big or small you are. We work with various budgets. We have clients with a five-figure monthly budget as well as the client with a 100 EUR monthly budget. If you want better results from your advertisements, apply for a consultation with an expert.

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