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Quality guarantee (QTS)

Customer satisfaction with our work is one of iMarketings’ experts’ main goals. To keep our services at the highest level, we have developed and introduced a quality management system to help experts to keep focused on the goals/tasks which are important to our clients.

The iMarketings quality management system includes three base values:
1. client surveys;
2. goals reached (KPIs);
3. communication with clients.

1. Client surveys
Client satisfaction – our most important value. We regularly do client surveys (at least quarterly.) The answers help us to understand how satisfied clients are with their results and the expert managing their advertising campaigns. Department leaders and all iMarketings experts are personally interested in the highest client satisfaction level possible. We can only expect positive feedback if the expert has constantly worked with the second and third base values (KPIs, communication with clients.)

2. Goals reached (KPIs)
Each expert has personal work goals which directly coincide with the client’s business goals (KPIs.) When beginning to collaborate with a client, we ensure that the KPIs are realistic and achievable. At the start of an advertising campaign, the expert’s main goal is to reach the previously-agreed KPIs within the agreed budget. The expert will then always act deliberately within the budget, promptly analyzing the campaign’s effectiveness and making quick decisions on changes to the advertisement’s strategy/tactics to increase effectiveness and reach the KPIs.

3. Communication with clients
It is important that clients receive up-to-date information on the effectiveness of their advertising campaign, new ideas, new promotion ideas, new trends, issues, etc. Client communication is so important that we have included it in our quality management system. If there isn’t full communication, the client will rarely be satisfied – even if great results are reached. That’s why our experts don’t just work to reach defined goals, but promptly and regularly inform clients about results, new ideas/opportunities, issues (for example, website not working), etc.
For each positive review, goal achieved and communication completed, our experts receive points which add up. The more points, the greater the expert’s work achievements. That’s why each iMarketings expert tries to get as many points as possible.
If we look at Google advertisements, one of their fundamental indicators is Quality Score. Google evaluates each advertisement using its QS – the better quality the advertisement, the higher the Quality Score and the more effective it will be. Using this ideology, we have named our quality management system Total Quality Score (TQS.) Only when iMarketings’ experts strictly adhere to the three base values can they ensure the highest quality service and receive the maximum Total Quality Score.
“I do not compromise on service quality. That’s why we introduced a quality management system where we connected our clients’ business goals with our experts’ goals. The Total Quality Score system is a great incentive for our experts to reach better results. If you have any questions regarding our quality management system, I am happy to discuss them with you,” Dr. Sergejs Volvenkins, iMarketings Head of Digital.