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How Google helps provide clients with greater added value through export growth support and the Elevator Program has grown rapidly over the last 6 years. Starting out as a small agency who only provided Google Ads and SEO services, we have grown into one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the Baltic states who offer not only initial services but also Display, Facebook Ads, social media content management, Analytics and UX (User Experience).

One of our key success factors is keeping direct focus on our clients’ business KPI achievement whilst providing an outstanding level of service. For many successive years, Google has highlighted our achievements at and this year wasn’t an exception. In regards to our outstanding performance Google invited us to participate in two strategically important programs:

  1. Google exporting support program
  2. Google Elevator program

The Advantages of Google’s Exporting Partner program:

  • Google provides our experts with access to closed foreign market research tools. This allows us to run in-depth market research activities helping us to more successfully plan/analyse our clients’ ads campaigns.
  • Google also provides our clients’ with access to advertising options which are not publicly available (known as Betas). This allows our clients’ to be among the first to use new advertising opportunities.
  • Google representatives meet with experts one or several times per week to discuss client performance and to plan further campaign activities. Google’s participation in our clients’ strategy and tactic planning always successfully aligns with activities. For our clients it means additional warranties and peace of mind knowing that their campaigns are managed in a highly professional way.

Also we run events with Google about export opportunities (.eu) event with Google about Export

Participation in Google’s Elevator Program.

The Elevator Program gives the opportunity to get exclusive strategic knowledge from experienced coaches so as to learn critical topics which allows us to provide even greater added value to our clients. After completing this program which lasts 6 months, experts will be able to provide even better results to clients who work in exporting and local markets.

Growth coaches iMarketings

During participation in the Elevator Program in April, attended the Elevator Summit for selected agencies in Poland whilst in May, Google invited three coaches in Riga to provide strategic training to our leading colleagues.

Google summit for selected agencies CEE in Poland

These activities allow us to keep ahead of fast developments in the industry and provide our clients’ greater performance and service.

If you would like our experts to take care of your digital campaigns regarding exporting or local markets send us a note to and apply for a free consultation.