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Google AdWords Success Case: Increased Revenue by 181%

Client: One of the leading toys sellers in the Baltic. Revenue €17m (Latvia, 2016)

Background: The company wanted to increase the revenue share generated through e-commerce. Another digital marketing agency was responsible for the first six months of digital marketing activities using Google Adwords and SEO campaigns but the client wasn’t satisfied with their work. digital marketing agency was chosen to take over after the first six months.

Building our relationship

Step 1: experts agreed on certain KPI (Goals) with the client. We found out expected Revenue numbers and the ROI we needed to achieve.

Step 2: We learned the business particulars (success keys, seasonality etc.) and we learned about the product and the target audience (who they are, how they choose and buy etc.)

Step 3: We conducted in-depth previous Adwords campaigns and SEO activities analysis.

Step 4: After our initial research phase we started to plan our activities in Google. The main criteria in our planning was the client’s KPI. We knew the numbers we needed to achieve which allowed us to plan an estimated Google AdWords budget and the intensity of SEO activities.

Step 5: We set up an analytics system to run in-depth campaign analysis – website tagging, detailed Google Analytics set up, importing data to our dashboard where we calculate and monitor main business metrics etc.

Step 6: It took just 7 days to create, discuss, and launch the first Google AdWords campaigns for this client. During this step, we also set up a variety of automated solutions to helps our Google AdWords expert track changes and trends.

After the Google AdWords campaigns launched

As is usual in the first couple of months, campaigns don’t see a high-performance rate due to not being optimized. In the first month, we carried out daily monitoring and analysis. We monitored approximately 70 important metrics (including Conversions, ROI, CPA, Clicks, CTR) in order to be sure the campaigns were live and getting impressions, clicks, and conversions. The situation in Google AdWords can change rapidly which is why, here at, we monitor, analyze and optimize AdWords campaigns daily.

After 3-4 weeks we started to run in-depth campaign analysis and optimization. We cut the ads budget which underperformed and increased the budget for keywords. Campaigns responded with a higher performance rate.

Results after 2 months

We increased revenue almost 3 times (by 180%) and transactions by 200%. We’re still in the very beginning of our relationship with this client and have created a step by step roadmap on how to achieve even better performance over the following months. Case study - Google AdWords performance after first two campaign management months

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