Top 16 AdWords rādītāji e-grāmata


Piedāvājam iepazīties ar dažu mūsu klientu atsauksmēm par sadarbības pieredzi ar iMarketings.



Thanks to iMarketings’ professional work in offering SEO services, our homepage visitor count was increased in conditions of tough competition by 153.58% from organic search results, and our amount of orders grew by 106.76%. We are very pleased with this collaboration. Thank you.

They work effectively and responsibly, fulfill their promises.

Significantly improved our AdWords campaign results. We are very satisfied.

From the start of our collaboration, iMarketings’ specialists adapted Google Analytics and suggested changes to our website so that we could evaluate the results from Google advertisements and other channels. We did this and were able to see how effective our advertising was. Thanks to iMarketings’ activities our amount of orders grew by 26%. We were pleased with such a professional approach. Thank you!


It was a pleasure to work with iMarketings’ experts: they do an extensive analysis to reach better results, give suggestions on how to increase advertising effectiveness, are always available, and work effectively.

The services offered by have helped reach Sixt’s car hire business goals and attract new clients. A professional approach, quick reaction time and innovative solutions allow us to reach suitable results.