Top 16 AdWords rādītāji e-grāmata

The story began back in 2010. At that time there were many digital marketing agencies in the Baltic states that talked to clients about clicks, impressions, cost per click and how to improve them. But almost none talked about conversions, conversion rates, cost per acquisition, or return on ad spend. We were one of the first agencies in Latvia to deliver real value and not just clicks. We focus on in-depth ad campaigns, analytics, and optimization. We are also one of the first Latvian agencies to educate other marketing experts in the digital marketing field, teaching them how to get performance and conversions, not clicks.

Our philosophy and style of campaign management was very attractive to small, medium and large domestic and international companies. We fast became one of the leading performance digital agency in the Baltic’s. Realizing that we were promoting clients’ products on many European and Scandinavian markets daily gave us the idea we could also help many Asian companies to expand business to this part of the world. We see a lot of reasons why our cooperation will be successful for Asian companies; we’re not only strong professionals in digital marketing but we also have a proper attitude and this is what our clients love the best about us as many agencies can deliver performance but not  every agency can bring a positive can-do attitude.

Here are some facts about us. These facts help us to deliver performance to our clients:

  1. Sergej Volvenkin (PhD) – head of digital – the only Certified Google Ads and Google Analytics expert with a digital marketing PhD in the Baltic’s. Sergej is also a Certified Google Trainer.
  2. Daily promotion of clients’ products in 40+ countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Poland, Russia, France, USA)
  3. 200+ success stories and 130,000 hours spent running Google Ads, SEO, Display, YouTube, and Facebook Ads campaigns.
  4. Our Clients’ online Revenue in 2017 was roughly 92mln EUR.
  5. 20+ experienced expert team members.
  6. Google Premier Partner.
  7. Award Winning Agency.
  8. Operating since 2010.
  9. Native language experts (linguists) in each country that we operate.
  10. We run scientific research with the University of Latvia about digital marketing.
  11. We have a performance based approach. You set KPI. We manage communication in the way we can achieve your goals.

We also share our experience

We run thousands of Ad campaigns around the globe and we’ve gained valuable experience. We know how to get performance on Google, Facebook and YouTube and we deliver this performance to our customers. Compared to many other agencies, we don’t hide our knowledge. We share it. Our leading experts attend seminars, conferences, master classes, start-up events, student classes, and more.

Usually, we talk about:

  • Digital strategies (how to implement, what’s important and not, general know how)
  • Google AdWords (how to run profitable AdWords campaigns, what mistakes to avoid etc.)
  • SEO (white hat SEO tactics and strategies etc.)
  • Facebook Ads (how to find and reach your customers etc.)
  • YouTube Ads (how to reach customers, how to measure success etc.)

Our Motto

To build successful Google or Facebook Ads campaigns we pay attention to several success points:

  1. Strategy
  2. Platform features brilliant knowledge to use broad spectrum of functionality (AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, Power Editor, Google Analytics etc.)
  3. In-depth performance analytics. We create sophisticated analytics models to be sure our clients invest their money in Google, Facebook and Video Ads more wisely.
  4. Communication with the client.

Vadītāja runa…

Dr.Sergejs Volvenkins. Google reklāma, Google Analytics, Interneta mārketings

“We love Digital Marketing. We run digital activities for one reason only – to bring our clients’ real value and real performance, it’s not about getting more clicks or impressions. Real value for us is increasing sales, increasing revenue and ROI. From the very beginning we were a performance based agency and after many years our focus remains the same. We have more than 50,000 hours of experience in Google Ads, SEO, Facebook, YouTube Ads and we know how to use these channels to bring sales and revenue.

During my doctoral studies, I developed “Companies Competitive Advantages Increase Model Using Internet Opportunities”. The idea of creating a competitive advantage in this way was so interesting that I was invited to present it at many international scientific conferences including Finland, Greece, the Czech Republic, and Austria. Now uses this model’s principles in daily agency work. This has helped us and our clients to achieve outstanding performance in digital marketing. Let us work together and help you grow your business in Europe and Scandinavia.”

We pay much attention to the analysis of results

Internet marketing provides the opportunity for in-depth analysis of marketing activities to detect the most effective customer acquisition channels, and for assessing the efficiency of goal attainment. The scope of the analysis depends upon the specific objectives chosen, and the marketing budget as well as the client’s preferences. The analysis can be conducted on very simple, yet highly valued variables (for instance, determining which keywords and channels are profitable, and which are not), as well as more complex ones (for instance, customer lifetime value).

That is, if a client studies the required product in their store, we can measure the offline Conversion Tracking before the purchase is made.

Each analysis has a concrete goal: to render the advertisement more effectively while increasing the number of conversions and reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA). This is exactly what we enjoy doing and what we work on every day.

Why should you order Internet marketing services from our company? With our assistance, you will be able to:

  • Establish a high-quality, internet-based, connection with potential customers.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Increase the loyalty of existing customers.
  • Obtain an expert opinion from an outside perspective on existing marketing solutions.
  • Enhance the competitiveness of your company.

Our services added value – the business standard

  • We focus on the goals (KPI) that you wish to attain. After analyzing them, we determine the optimal marketing budget and the advertising products that can be used in order to accomplish the chosen objective.
  • Special attention is given to the suitability of clients being attracted in relationship with the chosen target audience (traffic quality) which we analyze on a daily basis, both qualitatively and quantitatively by using appropriate tools.
  • We provide an in-depth analysis of marketing campaigns. We carefully analyze what happens on the website after the initial click on the advertisement. We use appropriate analytical tools (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics, ClickTale, etc.).
  • We provide practical ideas and proposals for enhancing the efficiency of marketing campaigns and improving the website in order to attract more significant potential buyers, and to increase the number of product sales and the volume of services. We also ensure that the implementation of our idea is guaranteed.

The benefits of working with us

Established objectives – and not the number of clicks – are our guiding principle(s) in our collaboration with clients. By entrusting the achievement of the chosen objectives to specialists, you will obtain:

  • A professional team focused on sales outcome. In addition, all of our solutions optimally correspond to your sales goals. We recommend and select appropriate advertising products while taking into consideration every specific situation and conditions.
  • An in-depth analysis of the advertisement. After obtaining the first representative results, we immediately begin analyzing them. From that moment onward, both the client and iMarketings obtain valuable knowledge based on empirical evidence. This allows us to improve our advertising campaigns and increase their level of effectiveness.
  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of potential client behavior on the website. As a result, you obtain information on how potential clients behave while they browse your website. Do they perform any actions that are significant for your business (place an order, fill an application form, etc.)? Do they browse essential pages? Where do they leave the web page and why? This information allows us to receive valuable data about the efficiency of the website and to incorporate improvements as necessary in order to attain the desired sales results.
  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of communication channels. As a result, you obtain information about which communication channel will enable you to reach the set objective. You will no longer need to evaluate the efficiency of every channel based on the volume of clicks. With the information that we will provide you, you will be in a position to act professionally and make decisions about the allocation of the marketing budget based on how many potential clients every channel supplies you with, that’s not based on number of clicks.